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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Apple, and the best podcasts ever.

Currently, I am eating an apple.

But that isn't the point. I'm on about Apple, the company.

If you have an iPod, and you listen to podcasts, my favourite by far is called The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. If you don't listen to it, you should download it and give it a little listen. I was hooked right away, and even better- there are over 300 episodes to listen to! The Rogues are hilarious and it's a fun way to educate yourself on the latest scientific and sceptical issues. Even if you're not a big science fan, they talk about the paranormal and cryptozoology, and UFOs and conspiracy theories- something for everyone, and a great intro to the sceptical movement.

However, there are a ton of others to listen to- some of the Skepchick podcasts are hilarious- I recommend "Birds- smart, or SCARY SMART?" and "Ladies hath run amok"- so funny! The banter between the girls is great too.

If you're a bit more into scepticism, there are a couple more podcasts you might like. The Amazing Show with James Randi is great, just the Amazing Randi chatting about everything from Happy Days to Uri Geller.

Little Atoms does some good interviews, but they stick to the one subject. Skepticality is slightly more disorganised and funny, but has some interesting content. And if anyone has more suggestions, that would be great! I love adding new gems to my collection.

And if you don't listen to podcasts... Start. They're a life saver in boring journeys and doing chores. (:

Beccy ;D


  1. Hey Beccy,
    I'm a guy down in England currently preparing for gcses :/ I heard about you blog from the SGU and it's really good! You seem to be into your podcast so I just wanted to recommend Skeptics with a K. It's a really good British, sceptical podcast; which are really hard to find. You can find them at http://www.merseysideskeptics.org.uk/podcasts/

    Good luck with your exams and keep up with the blog!

  2. Hi Beccy,

    not sure if you are also interested in the
    more science-oriented podcasts - you do need
    them to win in "science or fiction", though ;)

    There my favorites would be




    Keep up the good work,


    PS: I'm so old-fashioned that I'm not using
    social networks and now created my first OpenID.

  3. Thanks Adam! I am very into my podcasts, thanks for recommending a good 'un. I'll be sure to have a look at it. Good luck to you also!

    And chrfr- thanks for the links! I do like science too, so I'll give em a listen. Don't worry- I'm horrific with technology. All the time. :')