"I am all in favor of the skeptical mind. Do not believe anything unless you have experienced it. Do not believe anything - go on questioning, however long it takes." - Osho

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Permission to squee like a fangirl?

Just listened to the most recent episode of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (#303)- they read my brother's email and gave me a mention- I couldn't believe it, didn't even realise it was being read until someone commented my blog saying so. But basically, thanks to the folks at the Skeptic's Guide for taking the time to do that for me- and to anyone else that doesn't listen to their podcast- go forth and download!

I've been thinking of a few things I might write for Teen Skepchick; haven't decided on anything specific as of yet, but I probably won't be able to post right away thanks to having four darn exams next week and two the week after. However, after that, I'll try to start posting and prove that I'm alive, and will pull my weight.

Off to study more biology. I'm a good little scientist, I swear (Although after five hours, plants and cells and organs begin to lose their charm). So thanks to anyone checking out my blog due to the podcast. You're all awesome, and I less than three you. <3


  1. Found your blog by way of Skeptics Guide! Looks really good, and I'll add it to my Google Reader. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Keep it up, Beccy -- excellent effort.

    New fan in Vancouver, Canada.

  3. Hello,
    Looks like you have a good start here. I agree with Rebecca's (SGU) comments about targeting those topics that are particularly relevant to teens. A minor suggestion may be to include links to where you might be getting any information from (for example, why sea burial is not preferred for the Islamic). It was easy to look up myself, I make this suggestion to name your sources only for completeness sake.
    Keep going and keep having fun :)

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to read some of my blog posts guys, and for your constructive comments. I'll try to take them on board.

    I'll be sure to download Critical Wit Podcast for a listen once I find a spare minute too. :)

    And to Raeleen- thanks for the tips! I'll go link to a page explaining about Islamic burial for other folks, and try to put links for extra info in on future posts.

    Beccy :)

  5. Rock on, Beccy McKilty!!! Can't wait to keep following your blog to see how it evolves (D'Oh! - Blogs don't evolve, only man-gods do)

    E McT (Irvine, California)

  6. Just read your bit on skepchick! Congrats are definitely a must! So congratulations! Although I must say im Green with envy, but you definitely deserve it your a hell of a writer for your age and you've more balls than I starting your own blog (but that is difficult when the only internet I've access to is that of the 3G network and my wp7 smartphone yep no computer -_- im the lamest tech nerd) and you should definitely put a link from skepchick to here if they'll let you, Rebecca is awesome though so I reckon you'll be able, it'll get a bunch more traffic on this site :D and thats always good

  7. I am changing my surname to McKilty. Or perhaps make it my middle name- I've never had one, and feel like my life has been negatively influenced by this.

    Also, thanks! You gotta get saving for that pc, start yourself a blog! Also, on a side note- every time I read your comments, I do so in an Australian accent. :)