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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dr Susan Blackmore

I just finished an interview for Teen Skepchick with Dr Susan Blackmore, a psychologist and ex-parapsychologist, and I must say it was fascinating. She's a very interesting woman, who clearly has a passion for what she studies, and I really enjoyed interviewing her. It was my first interview, but she was very easy to talk to and I felt it went well. We largely talked about parapsychology and scepticism, and although I had originally intended to ask her about memetics it would have taken the interview way over time! It will probably take me a day or two to write up and edit it, as it was quite long, but as soon as I have finished I'll post the link up here so you can take a look.

p.s. Thank you, PZ. Thank you lots. Also, thank you to Brian Engler for sending a little note to PZ Myers. Excellent- I appreciate it!

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