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Friday, 29 July 2011

Does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

Why yes, yes it does, as I found on July 4 in Florida, USA. I was so happy and in 4th of July mood, until I realised it was slightly weird for me to be celebrating the independence of what was once part of my own nation's territory. It was like "Yay! Ruined empire!" But I quickly forgave you, O Wonderful America, because your candy it is so yummy, and your weather it is so warm. Only thing I never forgave you for was coaxing me into visiting Disney's Magic Kingdom for the (admittedly stunning) firework display, because it took us four hours to get out of the place. I think I now believe in Hell.

Of all the many tourist delights in Florida, one which I was particularly interested in was the Holy Land Experience- a theme park simulating the world of the Bible. This clip from Bill Maher's 'Religulous' pretty much sums it up. He's an anti-vaxxer. Don't judge me for using his clip plz. I did suggest visiting, but my mother pointed out that taking a family of atheists to a theme park geared at Christians may not be money well spent. I was forced to agree. Check my amazing from-moving-car photography below. Snazzy.

Another thing I noticed was alarmingly prevalent were shops and booths offering psychic readings. I never went for one, so I don't know how seriously they were taking themselves. But either way, they were everywhere. They were even in Universal Studios, which gets a ridiculous amount of traffic during the summer- although it was obviously intended as a tourist activity. However, there were many roadside shops offering psychic readings and predictions too. If I hadn't had candy and Disney Princess merch to spend my money on, I might have got one. Yeah, I really love Disney Princess.

I got the next best thing in Ripley's Believe it or Not, though; A ZOLTAN PREDICTION. The doll was creepy. Picture below. The reverse was a palm reading guide... It showed you the lines, but never told you what they meant. Cop-out. Cost me a damned buck.

On the plus side, however, I am not here simply to mock. Went to Kennedy Space Centre, which was totally inspirational and cool and all of that sh'bang! We initially tried to get tickets for the Atlantis shuttle launch, but too many people applied and we got none. Sad face. But we went down a few days later anyway. It seemed weird to me; this amazing centre of science was kind of juxtaposed with its rural, rustic surroundings. But I liked how the centre was split into different sections- including a super-cool rocket garden! There were rockets all over; some of which you could go in and see. Sadly, the seats were already burny-hot by 11am and it was hard to pose properly. But we gave it a good go.
Star Trek nerds?

 The rocket garden.

 Chillin wiff da homies.

All in, USA, I loved you. I loved you very much. So thanks for a great, warm, not-that-rainy-compared-to-Scotland holiday. Over and out.

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